Ways to promote your account on Instagram

How to promote an Instagram account — hundreds of thousands of users think daily. Confirmation of this is the statistics of search queries. Instagram is one of the most extensive social networks to date. Having developed your account from scratch, you can not only gain popularity, but also start making good money.

Promotion on Instagram has turned into a whole science and even occupied a whole niche in the business. On the Internet you can find a huge number of offers from specialized companies. They offer different ways of promoting Instagram, attracting users, and setting up advertising.

Is paid promotion really necessary? Is it possible to promote an account yourself, and without attachments? How much time does it take to promote? We will touch upon all these issues in this article. — free instagram likes

Where to start promotion on Instagram

Before you begin promotion, you need to check whether your page meets all the necessary criteria. PR Instagram has its own specifics, and regardless of whether you are developing a store on Instagram or promoting your account on Instagram, you need to consider it. All methods of promotion on Instagram require preliminary preparation of the page.

A typical mistake is when, starting to promote a page on Instagram on their own, a person thinks that he needs to immediately start attracting subscribers, and you can simultaneously tidy up your account.

But Instagram is a different case. Visualization is crucial here. You can spend a lot of effort and money on attracting people who simply do not subscribe to you because your feed did not impress them. But with a different approach, these same people would happily subscribe and like if the tape was ordered in advance.

Do not assume that valuable texts can compensate for the low quality of photos. Perhaps in a different social network this would work. But not here. To start reading your text, you need to lure a beautiful picture.

Before starting the promotion, you need to understand and absorb this feature of Insta. You need to learn how to automatically notice all the flaws in the photo and properly retouch them. All published photos should be impeccable, and attract attention.

Look at your tape. She should look one. No need to use all possible filters in turn. Do not post multiple photos taken in one place or with the same composition in a row. Save all unnecessary on the phone, and remove from the tape. Later, these publications can be laid out again, but already diluting them with new photos.

Publish photos and videos

The page promotion on Instagram consists of many steps. But at the head of everything, of course, are photos and videos. Continuing the conversation about their quality, we add that there should be a variety, if we are talking about a personal page. No need to post 5 selfies in a row. This instantly at times will reduce interest in your page. There should be a variety of compositions and backgrounds.

If you have a store, then exceptions are allowed here. You can lay out similar things in a row, from one collection or one destination. In this case, it is desirable to have one, your own individual background and use only it.

There are many ways to promote a post on Instagram. The simplest is a lot of likes and comments. Such a publication will itself rise in the ranking, and will not require investments. But for this you need to initially have a large audience.

Publish time also matters. See when your subscribers are most active, at what time and on what days. This will allow you to determine the best time for publications.

Speaking about the video, first of all, we note that it is the video that usually gain more views. Therefore, it is highly recommended to dilute the tape with videos. Determine the regularity for yourself. For example, 6 days a week photo and 1 day on video. But you need to shoot well. That should be interesting. You don’t need to lay out your usual day — for this, Storey’s is better. And the tape is just something worthwhile. Show your imagination.

Now about Storeys. This is a unique tool that allows you to always be in touch with subscribers. According to statistics, Storeys are viewed much more actively than publications in the tape. Therefore, remove them every day several times. So you will be in sight. In addition, knowing that they will see you, you can make an announcement of your new post or somehow push subscribers to activity on your page.

To promote a page on Instagram, you need to regularly post photos, videos and stories, and do not lower the quality.