In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, protesters burned the Russian flag in protest against the reduction of tourist flow from the Russian Federation. Russian flag According to “Georgia.Online,” the protesters were determined — they burned the tricolor, then wiped their feet revealingly on the printed Russian coat of arms. In […]

The Russian government and the Ministry of Agriculture, which decided to remove Georgian goods from stores for subsequent disposal, approved a number of measures for import substitution of wine products. Khvanchkara According to the Cabinet’s decree “On import substitution of food products from the states pursuing an unfriendly policy towards […]

Armavir is a beautiful Russian city in which Armenians live. At this point, its similarity with other Russian cities ends and the differences begin. The first difference is that if in other Russian cities Armenians live since the construction of shopping centers and cafes in these cities, then Armavir was […]

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