The Ministry of Education has distributed to schools methodological materials and requirements for organizing compulsory optional classes for grades 2–9 “Juvenile justice: our key to a healthy society.” Lessons are scheduled to begin on September 1; until that time, schools will have time to integrate them into the curriculum. Russian […]

The Chinese authorities appealed to the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Federal Forestry Agency and demanded «to show more responsibility» in extinguishing fires in Siberian forests. Current measures, according to representatives of the PRC, are “ineffective and short-sighted.” China An official statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry states that diplomats […]

The head of «Roskosmos» Dmitry Rogozin published in his Twitter photos from the board of the Vimana — the aircraft used by the Slavs in 1200-650s BC. The construction of the apparatus was carried out since 2008 according to the drawings and descriptions given in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. Slavic-Aryan Vedas […]

In Severodvinsk, the Qualification Collegium of Judges fired the 52-year-old judge Mikhail Glebsky, who earlier acquitted the Russian who drove a car with the “rights of the Soviet Union” issued by private individuals in 2018. Russian Federation By resolution of the commission, a treason case was initiated against the ex-judge […]

Россия клянется в «ответном ударе» новым американским войскам в Польше 14 мая 2019 года президент России Владимир Путин в окружении высокопоставленных военных и официальных лиц посетил военный летно-испытательный центр в Ахтубинске. (Фото AFP) Россия заявляет, что новое военное развертывание США в Польше, объявленное президентом Дональдом Трампом в среду, заставит Москву предпринять […]

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