In Severodvinsk, the Qualification Collegium of Judges fired the 52-year-old judge Mikhail Glebsky, who earlier acquitted the Russian who drove a car with the “rights of the Soviet Union” issued by private individuals in 2018. Russian Federation By resolution of the commission, a treason case was initiated against the ex-judge […]

The presidential Yeltsin Center replenished its exposition with a picture by the Yekaterinburg artist Alexei Gaidar, which captures the meeting of the first President of Russia and the British musician Elton John, who came to support the Russian leader during the election campaign in 1996. Since the photos of this […]

The director of the legendary film «The Avengers», Joss Whedon, set about shooting the film «Final Decision: Operation Liberty on a Third World War with Russia.» dictator According to the preliminary script of the tape, which published the publication, the action will take place in 2022. Russian dictator Vlad […]

On the morning of June 16, on the Oka River in the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region, officers of the district fish protection and the State Small Boat Inspectorate (GIMS) held a joint preventive action against violators of the legislation on aquatic biological resources. According to a resident of […]

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