Pole dance included in the program of the Olympiad-2024


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed the inclusion of pole dance in the competition disciplines at the 2024 Olympics. This decision was taken at the session of the organization in Lausanne.


At competitions in Paris, one set of medals will be won in women’s single competitions. In the future, the IOC expects to increase the number of awards due to gender equality.

“Pole dancing meets all Olympic criteria. This beautiful sport is developed by more than 75 countries, and competition among athletes is comparable to swimming and athletics. The task of the IOC is to replace non-spectacular types of programs with beautiful ones, interesting for a large number of viewers and television viewers. Thanks to the innovation, the program has become more balanced and urban. This gives us the opportunity to attract more young people to play sports and stimulate watching sports broadcasts of those who had previously ignored them, ”said IOC President Thomas Bach.

Several Parisian cabarets declared their desire to host the Olympic pole dance competitions.

Сообщение Pole dance included in the program of the Olympiad-2024 появились сначала на Putin tomorrow.



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