Soviet sort of sausage with the addition of toilet paper was revived in Surgut

Surgut meat processing plant them. Karl Marx revived the production of sausage products of the Victory of Communism variety, produced according to the Soviet GOST. Fans of the era of the USSR and young people again had the opportunity to eat sausage according to a recipe that has been proven for decades. The composition of the product includes: protein stabilizer, bone vyvarki, potato starch, wheat flour and some toilet paper.


“We decided to return nostalgia for the Soviet times and remind the Surgut people the taste of real sausage from childhood. The main thing is that it was tasty, inexpensive and absolutely affordable for all citizens. We still have to work on the last component, because the market has its own laws, but the meat-processing plant guarantees its taste, ”said the director of the company Vasily Golubev.

In addition to the Soviet recipe, each sausage product of the variety will be equipped with the symbols of the Soviet Union. The cost of one kilogram of “Victory of Communism” will fluctuate around 700-800 rubles, depending on the markups of the retail chains.

Сообщение Soviet sort of sausage with the addition of toilet paper was revived in Surgut появились сначала на Putin tomorrow.


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