A boxer was credited for defeating a LGBT representative


Boxer Frederick Dikembe is deprived of the title of Swedish boxing champion for winning the final over the LGBT community Eric Marie Johansson, whom he defeated by technical knockout. The Svenskan publication notes that Dikembe raised their hands after the battle, but minority representatives appealed the decision in court.


Among the arguments of the losing side, it was noted that “Dikembe beat Johansson too much,” that Swedish law counts as homophobia. In addition, evidence of victories over other LGBT people was presented in court.

“While Sweden gained the recognition of an advanced state-fighter with homophobia, boxer Dikembe defeats his homosexual rivals, which undermines the image of the state and violates the biblical commandments. We demand to immediately deprive Dikembe of the title of champion of Sweden with further disqualification, ”the statement of claim says.

The court heard both sides of the process and delivered a verdict in favor of the LGBT community. The title of champion of the country in boxing will go over to Johansson, and Dikembe will be the winner of the silver medal. The question of his disqualification was not raised.

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