The director of «Avengers» will shoot the film «The Final Decision» about the war of the West with the Russian dictator

The director of the legendary film «The Avengers», Joss Whedon, set about shooting the film «Final Decision: Operation Liberty on a Third World War with Russia.»


According to the preliminary script of the tape, which published the publication, the action will take place in 2022. Russian dictator Vlad Lyubomirov gives the order to hack into the US electronic election systems, with the result that his puppet, an Iranian of Russian origin, Hafez Yurkovich, becomes the new American president. A group of American patriots, including the intelligence agent, a former policeman, a Mexican illegal migrant and a housewife, are joining together to overthrow the impostor and declare war on Russia. At the same time, it turns out that the Russian people have long been waiting for the leader of the democratic opposition, Altai Belkin, to come to power. Several of the Russian units from Königsberg (as in the scenario) agree to support him if he guarantees their region return to Germany and freedom for Moldova, and NATO together with them starts Operation Freedom to crush the dictatorial regime.

The film is supposed to be released in the summer of 2020. His shootings have already agreed to sponsor the Bush Family Foundation and the non-profit organization Truthtellers («Telling the Truth»), working within the framework of the structures of J. Soros.

Сообщение The director of «Avengers» will shoot the film «The Final Decision» about the war of the West with the Russian dictator появились сначала на Putin tomorrow.


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